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There is a growing consensus in the enterprise tech community (CIO, CTO, CISO) regarding the Cambrian Explosion of disruptive technology. There are great capabilities in the tech sector ready to meet your business and mission needs. Although this is an incredibly exciting time to be an enterprise technologist, this explosion of capabilities presents new challenges. New approaches are needed in enterprise evaluation of new technologies. The process of studying capabilities on the front end is getting harder and harder.

At CTOvision, we track the 1,000’s of high tech firms getting the most traction in enterprises and categorize them in this special section. We designed this directory to enable both search and discovery, but have optimized it for continuous market research. Try diving into it via any of the categories below.

big-data-cloud analystonegraphic iphone_visa_mobile_payment
Cloud Computing Artificial Intelligence Mobility
internet-of-things-2 robot-drone-uav bigdatagraph
Big Data Robotics IoT
cybersecurity-skull 8437158-internet-network-server-room-with-computers-racks-and-digital-receiver-for-digital-tv advanced-visualization-150x150
Cybersecurity Infrastructure Disruptive Tech

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